Here's another Leo and Calypso!   :'(

Leyna is better. Leyna would never work!<-----Caleo for life<-- I'm sorry, actually I'm not. Leyna is probably the WORST ship ever. Caleo is so friggin adorable<------So much yes! CALEO FOREVER AND ALWAYS!

I wish there were more head annoys for caleo. There is so much percabeth. I love percabeth but caleo needs attention to!

Yes! I love that someone else knows his name must be Luke. I decided it a while ago... It must be Luke (and he must be blonde).

How sweet! And am ithe only one who wants Percy and Annabeth to name there kids Luke and Bianca

Holy crap I almost started crying here...this is something Leo would do...OMG leooooo I loveeee uuuuu

Holy crap I almost started crying here.this is something Leo would do.OMG leooooo I loveeee uuuuu <-- awwwww Caleo and Percabeth finally get there happy ending!

He took the cookie guys. He took the cookie

i think this is more of something that leo or the stolls would do. Percy would just stare at the kid for a moment and run out.<<I don't like this headcannon all that much, but that comment tho

Oh. Kronos possessed the body of Luke whose father is Hermes... Hermes invented the Internet? Good to know

This completely makes sense. Kronos is Percy's granddad and he possessed Luke, who is a son of Hermes. I can just imagine Annabeths Hazel Frank Leo Piper Jason Reyna Nico Rachel Grover Clarisse and Thalia faces