We Shall Be Married In The Morning!!

"Whenever someone is single and the like DIsney.'We shall be married in the morning! So freaking funny.

A classic Christmas morning story, as told by Disney characters.

Let’s explore the many steps of opening presents on Christmas morning, using Disney characters as our guide.


Saw Monsters University last week. And now the wait is for Finding Dory & Despicable Me

Non stop laughter!

"Heeee's a big pig *yup yup*, you can be a big pig too *AYE!*" The Lion King is one of the best movies ever!

Real friends will dress in drag and do the hula a distraction while you go kill your crazy uncle.

Smee     Smee’s not so bad; he’s sort of charming in his sweetness and care of Captain Hook. But there is that whole scene where he is concerned that he gave Captain Hook too close of a shave (i.e. removed the dear Captain’s head… oops!) In general he’s loyal and hardworking, but we just can’t shake that whole head-chopping-off scenario.

Questionable Henchmen

Day My favorite Disney sidekick is Mr. Smee from "Peter Pan." He is the perfect, or imperfect, match to Captain Hook. His clumsiness grinds Hook's gears to make the perfect comedy team.

Mandas Disney Blog: Disney Lols!

So last week I asked you guys to get involved in my Disney Lols on a Monday and send me any funny Disney related photos!

Magnus from The Mortal Instruments!

19 Inappropriate But Hilarious Captions For Disney Movie Scenes

kesha reference in Pocahontas. go insane throws some glitter make it rain