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This clashing series of intricately composed and collaged photographs are the work of New Yorker Daniel Gordon. Captured in his studio on large format film

Daniel Gordon - Photo, Cut & Collage

announces the premiere of its latest artist documentary on lifestyle editorial platform NOWNESS.

Daniel Gordon Still_life_with_fruit_and_ficus

Daniel Gordon plays with perspective with his brightly coloured collaged works


Metz+Racine Photography

Metz+Racine still life photographers and directors duo represented worldwide by D+V for stills and Wacko Premiere Heure for moving images.

Daniel Gordon

Bright Prospects: Daniel Gordon

Made for Frieze New York. Photograph by Daniel Gordon. Daniel Gorden has just won the Foam Paul Huf Award

Daniel Gordon - http://www.featureshoot.com/2013/06/daniel-gordon-paints-exotic-still-lifes-with-internet-debris/#!EI5xW

pictures of vases collaged onto vases, pears on pears, apples on apples, then rephotographed

Ratatouille and Smoke Bush, 2014 © Daniel Gordon / Courtesy of the artist and Wallspace, New York

Daniel Gordon’s notable tableaux style, Ratatouille and Smoke Bush transcends the boundaries of reality. Through a process of manual cut-and-paste with printed images, Gordon re-imagines this still life as an outburst of color and pattern.

Daniel Gordon, “Silhouette”, 2010

FOAM: Under Construction NEW

Daniel Gordon, Clemetines, 2011

Clementines from "Still Lifes, Portraits and Parts", by Daniel Gordon. For his series Still Lifes, Portraits and Parts, Daniel Gordon first created three-dimensional .