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Grover Cleveland - Late Midseason Lactiflora, double, red, large bright crimson flowers, fairly floriferous, stiff stems, excellent foliage, (Terry, 1904, USA). www.peonyshop.com

Quality Grover Cleveland Roots at Peony Shop Holland

Flowering Quince

This is a very hardy shrub, but if you don't watch out and don't prune, it will spread until it is tree proportion. Lovely in the spring with the blossoms.

Peach Peony by Rosanne Jordan

Peony Flair Greeting Card for Sale by Rosanne Jordan

Would be nice to see this done on someone. Itoh Peony 'Julia Rose'

Julia Rose Itoh Peony-Large, double blossoms, soft apricot, blending to…

"Peter Brand" Peony

"Peter Brand" Peony would make an ideal practice run on a smaller canvas (or rather board, I like using board)


I like the pink peonies with the grey background. Peonies are such bright, happy flowers


awed by the amazing beauty of tree peonies, such as this Itoh Tree Peony 'Julia Rose'. I have many of these in my yard, needing some years to mature but I'm willing to wait

Akashigata - Japanese Tree Peony

Paeonia 'Renkaku' (Flight of Cranes) (Japanese Tree Peony)

picture 24

Difícilmente encontraréis una flor más bella