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Dark Roasted Blend: The New Motor, or the Steam-Powered MessiahA locomotive "god" from the Victorian times, that was supposed to be "The Physical Saviour" of the race.

I got to see the Shuttle launch once and will never forget it.

Birds Eye View of Shuttle Launch. Gabriel Green and Capt. Zachary Bartoe patrol the airspace in an Strike Eagle as the Space Shuttle Atlantis launches May at Kennedy Space Center, Fla. Photo credit: U.S.

Russians And Their Technology

Russians And Their Technology

Funny pictures about Russians And Their Technology. Oh, and cool pics about Russians And Their Technology. Also, Russians And Their Technology photos.

Photographing a fighter pilot

Photographing a fighter pilot

Arado de nieve tren en Alaska.

Arado de nieve tren en Alaska.

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The Mildred; captain and crew launched a boat and rowed along the cliffs to St Ives. The Mildred, Cornish built and owned, was launched in


If you're really into trains and grilling - Man Builds A Choo Choo Train BBQ Grill - Well Done Stuff!


Royal train - Dumitru Doru Photography--interesting coloration on this photo!

Not 1' not 2, but 3.

Steam locomotives 11 By Walter Scriptunas II Three Shay locomotives 'racing' during the annual railfan weekend at Cass West Virginia ~

Air Craft  Optica G-BGMW (001) and G-BLFC (003) aircraft. Roles for the Optica are virtually unlimited, from the obvious aerial photography and surveillance patrols to traffic reporting, powerline inspection etc. and it has the ability to perform much of a helicopter’s work with fixed-wing economy and range.

The Edgley Optica is a British light aircraft designed for slow-speed observation work, and intended as a low-cost alternative to helicopters. Market conditions are currently being assessed with a view to restarting production of the Optica.

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What is there about little boys and trains? Charming black and white old-timey photo shows their train love has not diminished in 100 years ~ Little boy talking to the locomotive crew, Waterloo Station, 1924 From Southern Railway’s advertising

Muzzel Flash..!

USS Iowa fires a full broadside of nine and six cal guns during a target exercise near Vieques Island, Puerto Rico, on 1 July Shock waves are visible in the water (Photo Source: US Navy)