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DAY Favorite supporting male anime character: Akise Aru from Mirai Nikki!

Dancing Yuno gif

Dancing Yuno gif and she going to kill you while you sleep heh heh heh

when this is all over i'll listen...            --- anime boy

Opposite 'Anime' Yourself

Hi guys!So i decide i can do some boys render sooo. hope u like it Anime Render 62

wellllllll the eye is a little creepy but everything else is really cool. purple hair, pencil, t-shirt detail, HER LAPTOP, etc. Actually this is Lucifer from the Devil is a part-timer. He's a male.

Aru Akise - Future Diary There always has to be that one character i'm wickedly in love with! GAH!

Aru Akise (秋瀬 或, Akise Aru) is one of Yukiteru Amano's friends, and later becomes one of the main characters of the series. Akise is very intelligent and dreams to be a world famous detective when he gets older.