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funny friendship quotes, funny quotes about friendship and poop SSSSSSSoooooooo true!

But seriously though. Someone needs to film this shit. Or I can just write my memoir.

Best Friend Memories: Funny Friendship Ecard: We are so hilarious. I feel bad for the people who dont get to listen to our conversations and enjoy our hilariousness.

That's like saying you're my best friend

Funny Friendship Ecard: You're the kind of friend whose house I could poop at.

And if I can't do it...daddy helps me! ;-)

This one is for my lazy husband who thinks he helps around the house!

Sorry (not sorry) that I don't like phone-talking. Doesn't mean that I hate you.

Sorry (not sorry) that I don't like phone-talking. Doesn't mean that I hate you. (But it could be because I've just given you the INFJ door slam.


Hey, in case I haven't told you enough lately. I still love the freaking shit out of you. Gonna put this on my hubs valentine.

Thanks for going out of your way to unfriend me on facebook, your passive-agressive way of ending of our friendship really took some balls.

this is exactly why i *don't* unfriend ppl who aren't really friends becaus omg cassie johnson lol e i don't want them thinking i'm being passive-aggressive when really, i just can't stand the "clutter" of people on my friend list that i never talk to!

Hahaha! I would...

Many people do not look for the truth in Life, they only search for those that agree with them.


For my besties!Funny Friendship Ecard: When I said you were my best friend, I meant that you are the only person on earth who knows almost everything about me and you better keep your whore mouth closed.