torrilla: “ Tom Hiddleston backstage at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards by Amelia Troubridge ”

"I think this is a pretty accurate description." Actually it was Avengers and then Thor 2. In Thor it was Chris who actually got my attention first.

Yes, that pretty well sums it up. It started in September Going on 8 months now. may I please have my life back? Countless men are being deprived of my beauty, wit and sparkling personality because I'm hung up on a fantasy named Tom Hiddleston!

"you should treat your love like a princess". I still don't understand why he and Benedict are still single, they're the most kind gentlemen on earth!

Tom Hiddleson and respect . It's funny how he is talking about getting ladies correctly with respect where he can just get them by letting them read this.

Tom Hiddleston. Via Twitter.

This is why I am so excited for Crimson Peak that it may be a felony and I will do the time proudly for this man. (Tom Hiddleston Crimson Peak) <<< I absolutely LOVED that movie!

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