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HANNU on Twitter: "house in the woods"

knightofleo: “ “Andrey Surnov evening traffic 1 subway shipyard crane cranes evening traffic 2 evening traffic 3 night shop 1 AM shooting gallery dark street pizzeria night shop 2 red café ” more.

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The stone house in the woods didn't seem so frightening on this her second visit, perhaps because she at least now knew upon which door it was safe to knock.

Castle Ruins, Poland

Castle Ruins, Poland

Would you live here?  (Photo: Jasmin Junger) absolutly no question ...its awsome!

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Waldo means lives near or in the woods. Our Waldo name originates to Bavaria area (Black forest of Germany) in the medieval age. There is a Castle Ruin named Waldau from the Medieval Era still here in this Black Forest. Old Mill, Black Forest, Germany


Craigends House, Houston: The last inhabitant of this 1867 mansion passed away in The house stood open and empty for some time then became unstable and run down, and was demolished completely in

Vampir Schloss

Miranda Castle or Chateau Miranda) is an abandoned castle in Belgium. It was built in 1866 and was abandoned in Miranda Castle or Chateau Miranda) is an abandoned castle in Belgium.

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St Nikolai the Wonderworker Church in Amrakitc, Armenia (not a cottage but the architecture is like a dream!

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Chateau Rollencourt in Angres Liévin (France). It was destroyed in WWI. Small photograph from a WWI soldier’s album.

Things may not seem clear right now...but hang onto the Lord, for His path is straight and He won't let You out of His sight.  Simply praise Him in the storm and believe.

this dark scene with fog is good because it sets the scene and makes it look more scary and forbodes something bad which is going to happen, with the church yard in the background and the tree with no leaves

Luise Tiedemann died from a liver disease on March 24, 1895, at the age of fifty-seven. Hannes sold the house to the Mullhauser family, and by 1908 he and the entire Tiedemann family were dead,[5] leaving no one to inherit his considerable personal wealth.  Rumors of crimes committed in the house by Tiedemann (including sexual indiscretions and murder) have contributed to Franklin Castle's reputation as a haunted house.

possible location like haunted house? Franklin Castle Cleveland, USA (by Bob Trinnes) often referred to as the most haunted house in all of Ohio