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that is my face when we go somewhere where they have REALLY REALLY good chicken, well i always say you can't mess up chicken  so.....

give you this give you that blow a kiss take it back if i look inside pauls brain, i would find lots of things clothes shoes chicken wings stuff that drives me insane. you could be preoccupied different dick every night you just gotta say the word!

Hunger Games and One direction all in ONE PIN! <3

not really one direction crazed, but this IS funny.so I VOLUNTEER! And how can u just be "not really one direction crazed"?

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And they just give me angry looks because all my friends hate one direction and it's a sad life.

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I wanna do a fanfic on wattpad for one of the boys. I have one started for Harry called "Kiss". If you could give me any ideas or want to check that one out that would be great. My wattpad user is Please help with some ideas.

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My reaction to this and a lot of popular songs is similar to simon's

Wow this is um interesting

lol i think he hates this song. Ive seen a few interviews where the radio station played it and everyone danced and he hid his face and said hate it after the song ended Check out Dieting Digest

One Direction meme

One Direction meme actually the song was originally i love KFC but this works too

Just thought this should be on Pinterest(;

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We have so much in common Niall I eat ALL THE TIME speaking of which I kinda want food.<< Food would be nice something like pizza or ice cream.