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fat amy and percy jackson. ♡

Nico's little confession in Percy Jackson House of Hades was kinda shocking.// and beautiful percico okay bye


that, mortal instruments, TV show to movie: Avatar the Last Airbender, and i can already tell that the Maze Runner is going to be terrible. <<< Maze Runner wasn't too bad, I heard Scorch Trials will be off from the book though

The Argo II crew's wish lists by Vandenpoel.deviantart.com on @deviantART  ( notice the color of Leo's wish list and the crossed out of the others)

Hahaha Leo wrote on Pipers and Franks haha<< Percy wants a blue hamster.

Who else sang it?<----- mee!!<<<< Ditto!<<<<who didn't ( if u say u didn't then ur lying )

My first Disney to Demigod song! Part of Your World is owned by Disney (of course), and I just simply "demigoded" it up.<--- *dies* *comes back to life because I want to read the Blood of Olympus*