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Best of r/Polandball - Imgur

Best of r/Polandball

Countryballs 'Polandball': WWII by animatedjerk

This is an illegitimate Polandball. Polandballs are supposed to be drawn freehand. Also, Polandball itself should be upside-down.

How quickly we forget ....  Thank you, France, and all our other Allies, for your sacrifices.  We came late, but we were honored to help.

Today we remember the 10 millions people who were lying dead after 4 years of war. Rest in peace whoever you were.

ODD ORBIT: Oddities around the World: BREXIT AFTERMATH: Departugal, Italeave, Chechout?!

Thanks to Britain leave EU campaign, now we have more than 18 campaign names for those countries want to leave EU, some of them are not even European countries.

Relatively Minor Polandball Dump - Imgur

Relatively Minor Polandball Dump

Post with 1528 votes and 49537 views. Relatively Minor Polandball Dump

Webcomic: Let's just say Sweden and Denmark's attitudes towards immigrants are very different.