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Brick or cookie

 I'm out ✌ #nowaygirl #lmao

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Yep yep...dont play wit me!

Lol when Bae is mad at Bae

dudes be like.... "i ain't got no type"........ - Meme Generator ...

dudes be like. - Meme - Give your friends a smile and share this.

oh my gosh

Lol I could honestly take Or leave fried chicken, but I absolutely hate corn bread! U don't put corn in bread, it belongs by itself with thanksgiving dinner

Most Interesting Man in the World goes to Walmart?

Most Interesting Man in the World goes to Walmart?

Mexican word of the day

Funny Black word of the day

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That sorta happened to me.I was coloring and eating carrots and I bit into the marker and was drawing with my carrot then I paused and sighed


That's so funny!

Bahaha don’t do it!

The funniest website in the world

This happened to me only like twice since I'm normally like the last person but when I'm first I do this, idk why but I just do...

I dont I just turn it in so no one tries to cheat off of me being as Im the smart kid in class- said the original pinner, but i'm the same as in the picture, i wait, thought i don't know why

Step dads be like

All the time with Blakeley

Keep on laughing.

7,291 Likes, 122 Comments - Ming Lee (@iamminglee) on Instagram: “The Internet is undefeated ”

gaygerian: “prettybrowneyedcutie: “deehenn: “😂 ” I’m mad at the fuck boy hair cut EVERYTIME… ” Can you guys not, thanks ”


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HaHa, yes!

My boyfriend smells good ALL the time.