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Doritos could be made without the powder and taste exactly the same. It was left on because it was decided that the residue left on your fingers was part of the “Doritos experience” wtf-fact


I wouldn't know, cause if one touched me it would probably not survive the beathing I would give myself from freaking out.

Eat a banana or cherry or grape, people

"No, Grape cough medicine, you don't taste like grape. You taste like death and the tears of small children. Not grape.

Random Fact See?in RL my childhood would have been boring without her. Also: her full name is Barbra Millicent Roberts.

Random Fact

Cut a hole in the seat of an old chair and place a pot of wave petunias. Another great chair idea.

Whoa! Next time you boys try to say ifs not bad, ill shovr this in your face.

Just a fun fact.oh and a small bit of birth control for my daughters :)