Viking Trousers... So much more comfy than modern day jeans!!!

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

The glassbead-owen that we have made in "claymud" (Gunnes Felag written in runes)

The glassbead-owen made in "claymud" (Gunnes Felag written in runes)

Życie w grodzie

'similar to medieval nations ('this ref.), prob'ly most closely similar to Traladara/Karameikos. [Życie w grodzie]

Modern reproductions of ancient Viking bone items.

Viking steel, bone and antler. These are some of the wepons the Vikings used.

Twelve new types for the Birka section of our Viking bead reproductions. (  I have ordered a selection of Viking style beads and am looking forward to making a viking style necklace from them. Will post a picture when I have completed it. (Louise)

Birka - Viking, lampwork beads by Mike Poole in the UK. Always interesting to see how other lampworkers are earning their living

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