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Tenho certeza que Deus me fez pra casar ou com o Justin, ou Shawn ou Harry

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One Direction Fan Jumps on Stage: Watch Harry Styles' Reaction!

lol amelia:  AYYYY, sexyyy Harryyy ;) harry style(s)! LOL see what I did there...(Ghangnum STYLE) Harry STYLES. Hahahaha yess I'm THAT funny. Creative, ik ;) lol I just crack myself up...I can't help it. Lol deal with it people.

Harry Styles - Don't Let Me Go // This is the most depressing song I've heard in a long, long time. This is what should be described as 'emo'. No doubt every young 'Directioner' will love it, and think he's singing to them.


This is so hot it hurts. This is my cover for my harry styles fanfic on wattpad, called our moment . check it out if u like!

S E X Y  S T Y L E S

Today is my babes birthday! I love him so mich❤️ he's perfect and growing up so fast!

I can see his face 10 millions times

I can see his face 10 millions times


Harry with Matt Irwin's sister. This picture was taken on Matt's funeral, today, May 2016

Harry is SOOOO handsome

Best wishes to Harry Styles for his birthday on Feb Click through to send your own birthday wishes. We'll share them all to Harry on the day