80's inspired by James White of Signalnoise studios

I like how this is a little less simplified. Reminds me of robynnes color theory project

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Céline and it's googley color scheme

Céline = Google

Hattie Stewart x Vogue Magazine #artsyfartsy #doodles

Doodler Extraordinaire Hattie Stewart

HATTIE STEWART’S MAGAZINE ILLUSTRATIONS British artist Hattie Stewart challenges the monotony of fashion publications covers with her cheeky interpretations. She takes her love for the print world to another step by using magazine

ray bans... obsessed

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Artist is unknown. Ray Ban's popular slogan is never hide and I really like how they make her covered up eyes the most colorful and bright part  of the whole poster. I also love how it mimics a comic book with the contour lines. #RayBan

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Aron Vellekoop’s winning contribution to the Graphic Design Festival Breda 2012, Open Call Poster Project.

Graphics and Poster Illustrations. Check out these amazing graphics and illustrations by Aron Vellekoop León, a graphic designer

I feel like collage could be a really interesting way to do self promo... (collage by artist Chad Kouri)

Chad Kouri

I feel like collage could be a really interesting way to do self promo. (collage by artist Chad Kouri)