Jim Parsons turning the geekiness off. Sheldon-Big Bang Theory

That awkward moment when Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) is totally hot. Hey, geek is the new sexy.

lol Wolowitz Strikes Again! #Bazinga #bigbang

Wolowitz Strikes Again!

That awkward moment when howard hits on you (quisiera que alguien me diga algo TAN bonitamente NERD!

Haha! Yeah, what Sheldon said.

“Howard: Sheldon you’re wrong, Wolverine was not born with bone claws. Sheldon: Howard, you know me to be a very smart man. Don’t you think if I were wrong, I’d know it?

BIG BANG THEORY! Whoah... The side of leonard's face is pretty attractive..

Revenge of the Feminerd: Big Bang Theory Theories

Big Bang Theory, cliche, comedy by numbers dross. Every time I watch this I feel like setting myself on fire and throwing excrement at the TV. Which Ironically I'd rather watch.

Call Me Maybe - Shrödinger version. Oh coffee out the nose.....

I just can't resist a good Quantum Physics joke, even one that quotes that awful song. This is just too damn funny, I seriously almost fell out of my chair

Dammit Raj, you win!

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One cries because on is sad. For example, I cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad. oh Sheldon

quadratic formula - Google Search

Sheldon Cooper