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funny cartoon comic dog puts cones on mans hands lets see how youlike not playing with your balls for a week

humor grafico padre e hijo pajaros

Funny pictures about Hold it just a little longer kid. Oh, and cool pics about Hold it just a little longer kid. Also, Hold it just a little longer kid.

I'm secure in my blondeness so this doesn't bother me...

Many blondes have been lost in this corn maze. Never to be seen again. Haha funny but also not funny at the same time(;


Funny Joke Picture - Sperm - I take it you haven't had sex in a while

Google Image Result for http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Tg1Dhr8kbc8/TIBO0Vq652I/AAAAAAAAAmg/v3ZdIWNbcnc/s1600/The-Seven-Dwarfs-disney-270983_1288_567.jpg

Expect The Worst, It’s Quiz Show Answers Monday!

Snow white and the seven dwarfs is a 1937 american animated film produced by walt disney productions and released by rko radio pictures.

¿No te molesta que se te llenen los pelillos de mierda?

This is an old joke . "A bear and a rabbit were taking a dump in the woods. The bear asked the rabbit, "Does shit ever stick to your fur?" the rabbit replied "All the time!" So the bear wiped his ass with the rabbit.

Escape! Escape! jetjr5

Cartoon Maxine Job Jobs Unemployment Maxine Funny LOL Laughs Laughing Photo: This Photo was uploaded by prestonjjrtr. Find other Cartoon Maxine Job Jobs.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have found my new hairdo...The Merm. A perm and a mullet got together, had a baby, and birthed this gloriousness.

The merm = mullet + perm.new hair idea! Lol don't need the perm just straighten the back.