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My little flower tower. Take some planter pots, spray paint them with a primer, then spray paint. Fill with soil and soda cans for drainage and height. Then add plants. Stack accordingly.


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Die Lichterketten als Fenster Deko für Weihnachten kommen nie aus der Mode!

Fensterdeko hängend oder stehend: Tolle Ideen für Weihnachten

Start playing around with the Christmas star. You can get them in various sizes and decorate your dining hall with it along with a few creative pine cone centerpieces.

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32 Awesomely Easy DIY Ideas Made With Old Tires

There is at least one old car tire in every home. It is probably stacked away in the garage taking up unnecessary space or still in the trunk of your car,

reclaimed wood table...

Farmhouse table plans & finishing tips

Autum decoration

Autum decoration