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so I wasn't blessed with a singing voice. that's why they invented ear plugs .

Yep, been watching my Total Gym for days and not getting any results...lol

forsi nieqaf niekol junk food :P


I gag just thinking about it.eew *the gag*

Teenager Posts


Happened to me 4 times.

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Unless you wear crocs I choose comfort ;


It's sleeping late. I like sleeping late. Not going to bed early.


hahaha dont ever think that you are going to make me feel better by doing that because you have not cured me people.

No wait, seven is way too many. More like two. Maybe. One and a half. Yeah.

Mm yup sounds about right

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This is why I fail math quizzes

When my headphones are on I am in my own fantasy world.

When my headphones are on I am in my own fantasy world.

Relatable Post

why is this so relatable?


It hella hurts!

True. And I, myself have planned many murders...

Never mistake silence for weakness. No one plans a murder out loud.

My best friend

My best friend is like my soul mate but in friend form

I look EVERYWHERE for the remote before I ask my mo. To find it. When she starts to look, it lying ON TOP OF THE COUCH IN PLAIN SIGHT. how is this?

Everything magically appears when you mom starts looking for it.

Spell check

I am the worlds worst speller really.