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I can't remember how many times I've been told this

[ theatre kid problems ] yes kids had the hardest time with this last year

This is me

One Day More? Nailed it, y'all. << Try Into the Woods, honey. <<---- I iust have two words "the Newsies"!

theatre+kid+problems | theatre kid problems ] | theatre lovin

[ theatre kid problems ] *cough cough Bye Bye Birdie* Being on of the idiot, slightly creepy,crazy, screaming conrad birdie fangirls.I'm a cheesy smiling Duloc dancer.

[ theatre kid problems ] in our department it's literally 11 to In favor of the GUYS.

If more theatre kids lived like this. It wouldn't be such a competition

This is the reason I do theatre. It doesn't matter the role.just the awesome experience of being surrounded by an amazing cast!