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I like big books and I can not lie, those other brothers can't deny. When a student walks in with a smiling face and a big book in their face I get sprung, 'cause we like 'em long.

i always buy another book when i still have ten to read

I always buy another book when I still have one to read. I have more unread books than read books because I can't keep up with myself. I can't just buy one when I go to the bookstore


When one book closes, another one opens. Sometimes I don't even wait that long. Actually, NEVER do I wait that long. I've always got several books going.

Reading is like dreaming

Bookfessions Reading a book is like dreaming. You can't control what's going to happen, but it takes you into a different world.

C.S. Lewis

Lewis is so very right! as his "children's books" are enjoyed by all ages. Need an example of a "bad children's story"? Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

I've gotten lost here a few times before

Now that's a road sign! :) I wanna live on Psychopath lane!

True story

i party hard. And by party hard i mean read books like nobodys buisness

Leggere nuoce gravemente all'ignoranza!

Reading can seriously damage your ignorance. I like the image of the tree with book leaves.

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