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Eric Church lyrics from "Springsteen": "When I think about you, I think about I think about my old jeep I think about the stars in the sky Funny how a melody sounds like a memory Like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night Springsteen."this song!

LOVE this! I use to make my dad play this song all the time when I was younger

"All I can say is that my life is pretty plain I like watching the puddles gather rain."-No Rain by Blind Melon


I love Nickelback. Judge me if you must, but I do. They have wonderful songs and lyrics. <thank you im not alone :) judge free zone here

Beatles lyrics. A tribute by a very creepy person. I have looked and looked for some kind of reason this was created (YLCIO means something?), but can conclude only that the "artist's" love for The Beatles far exceeded his or her ability to express that love in a palatable form.

The Beatles song You never know how much I really love you picture of boy with red flower

Lyrics U2

With or Without You by Beautifully written song by Bono. The ultimate love-hate song. These were the days when poetry and music weren't mutually exclusive.

My taste in music.. And when nobody's around I have my concert which I'm doing right now, singing and dancing.

Please don't judge me for the type of music I listen to. Not a lot of people understand things I listen to but to me its everything I've gone through. So when you judge my music your judging my life also. Just saying please don't!

Music is a part of me!

I love music and it is a massive part of my life. I can't play an instrument but I love listening to music.