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DJ that is so true. Ur advice ur words calm my soul easies my pain gives me hope and inspiration u said u wanted to become my best friend and Man U r so on your way. I thank his everyday for u and I pray for u everyday

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I wish we could cuddle all the time baby! Would love being in your arms! My heart hurts too! I feel really sad! I love you baby!

My life. I am so blessed

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It's that smile, that complete and natural smile that I saw today......   it is still my favorite. !!

I talked to Dr Tom today, described to him how my mind wanders about you. He said holy crap you make it sound like she is always on my mind. I told him I never said she wasn't. I always think about you.

oh.....I didn't mean to say that out loud.....

Your smile looks adorable on you! You should wear... - lovequotespics

I wasnt lying when I said I cant live without you, inside im dying i can hardly breathe

My Larry

The sex game - CHAPTER 2

The sex game:CHAPTER 2 - living with ones sins is a hard thing to do but dragging others in with you is a next thing fr.