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gente que odio | Tumblr

Jajaja es verdad, "There are people that deserve a high five, in the face, with a chair

me voy a dormir..

I am going to sleep with the window open! 24 mosquitoes like this.

?  Jajajajajaja

Lol, wow mas claro no pudo quedar Hahahahaa no pues wow. No te deseo mal

Síiiiii, mucha!

11 Letras, 2 Palabras, 1 Sentimiento ¡Tengo Hambre!


Translation: Recognize the grand moment when you wake up in the morning, full of energy?

120 Funny Pictures For Today (#76)

“Detour” “I took a long time getting here, much of it wasted on wrong turns, back roads riddled by ruts. I had adventures I never woul.