Hetalia Live Action Cast - Full by mistress-kizuna.deviantart.com on @deviantART<<The people who made this are good.

I agree with this to some extent. Too bad Anton passed away 😕

Eh... My buddy Katie went bonkers yesterday and drew me as a girl like dude chill... If anyone wants to see them just say...< hehehe

MMD Hetalia and Nyotalia Side-by-side by HetaliaAmore on DeviantArt

The Nordics are the best family ever ^-^

Denmark Matthias Kohler Sweden Berwald Oxenstierna Finland Tino Vainamoinen Iceland Emil Steilsson Norway Lukas Bondevik aka, The Nordics

tbh i would love to dance with cats

Ask/Dare 2p! Iceland/Egil - Admin Took Over This Chapter Pt. 2

88a191ed048947dc3257125b91f1c41a.jpg (564×2978)

88a191ed048947dc3257125b91f1c41a.jpg (564×2978)

U.S. and Russia-- I don't ship it but the art is cute

and Russia. Al plays mandolin! LSO why the heck is going on lol

Germany and Italy hfksbmsuhdiahhak I just freaked out the girl next to me in class BUT OMG!!!!!!! \(O

GERITA I just love this omg. If so, the gerita wedding must be canon! We need the gerita wedding on the anime.