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Two Deinonychus antirrhopus either taking a moment to drink, or looking at something really interesting at the bottom of that pool. By Mark Witton.

Fuck Yeah, Dinosaur Art!

chris-masna: “Carrion by ChrisMasna ”

Jeholornis - bird evolution ancestor

My final feathered dinosaur illustration for the book I'm working on with ~Agahnim, ~keesey and others. This is the basal bird Jeholornis from the Jehol. Jeholornis in the Morning Light

Mark Witton.com Blog: More new-old art: Therizinosaurus, superpigeon, and Polacanthus, walking coffee table

Therizinosaurus was a large theropod dinosaur from Mongolia. It had gigantic hand claws but was herbivorous. In this illutration by Mark Witton, a male Therizinosaurus is unsuccessfully courting a female.

Struthiosaurus austriacus:  Late Cretaceous (85–66 Ma): Thyreophora: Artwork by atrox1 on DeviantArt

Struthiosaurus austriacus: Late Cretaceous Ma): Thyreophora: Artwork by on DeviantArt

Tarbosaurus one of the most successful tyrannosaurus ever it lived in asia during the cretaceous. It was taller than a full grown man, but not as famous as its cousin

John Conway Tarbosaurus bataar and Gallimimus bullatus I don't think this really needs a description. it's a tyrannosaur about to chomp an ornithomimid (obviously), in Late Cretaceous Mongolia