A Knight (Man) To Aid In Protecting And Upholding A Woman's Life, Virtue & Honor.As She Would Have The Ability To Do In These Times Of Ours~ But it's nice to imagine a knight could still be available somewhere.

Leather Gorget and pauldrons by ~NeonCowboy on deviantART

Top part of an armor, usually worn over chain mail or with a uniform. Leather Gorget and pauldrons

i also really like this for captain marcus kane. i love the buckles and the studs and the little shoulder sleeve detail so much.

While it's a musical-comedy fairy tale (for adults), the TV series Galavant has surprisingly good medieval/renaissance historical costumes.

Resultado de imagen para Medieval Leather Scale Armor

Resultado de imagen para Medieval Leather Scale Armor

New realisation of my own leather armor for a customer. Steel scales are hand sewed, with many and many hours of work...

Karuna's armor by Chant-des-Louves leather armour clothes clothing fashion cosplay costume LARP equipment gear magic item