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Basically how my sense of humor works.<<< I have stopped laughing at jokes. Instead I laugh at whatever the (beautiful) heck this is


thats one way to get out of a new class I suppose. That kid is going places.

Oh, now everything makes sense...

Oh, now everything makes sense // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - putting it in this board BECAUSE THIS PERSON SAYS "oh my gods"

Oh gosh

My little sister was born on April Fool's too, and my mom called my aunt to tell…

The outernet

The outernet is scary. but if it means I get to meet One Direction Or then I'm willing to go!


I accept compliments like a vending machine trying to accept wrinkly dollar bills.

Seriously man. I don't even remember the last time I made a fb status.

I don't even remember the last time I made a fb status.<<Last time I made a FB status, the Roman Empire was still standing

Pug farted! Hahaha the things that amuse me! Haha lol

Like seriously my dogs interests aren't chasing the post man or going on walks, it's watching TV.

I'm a defensive eater, you're a defensive eater, we're all defensive eaters

Tumblr Tuesday 2-16

I'm a defensive eater, yeah. You're a defensive eater, yeah. We're all defensive eaters, yeah.

Crying at your own funeral

Thing is that if this is the thought the child had about their parents when they got a D on a test in elementary school, then like. What are the parents telling her/him?


I always carry the grocery bags in one trip, even though I nearly kill myself doing it lol

Now this is what I think...

The angels: why do you ship them? God: they go to the same school