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Me. Every day since finishing school and only working a single job... maybe I'll get used to this eventually. Maybe I'll just get another job or two...

me when feeling suspiciously relaxed: what responsibility have I forgotten


im so used to my parents yelling that i don't flinch when i get yelled but i start crying when it's someone that i know and trust

my life in a text post

I hate it when I'm so exited to draw and then I get my sketch book, sit there for like 20 mins thinking of what to draw, and then I decide I don't want to draw anymore. (-_-)<<<yep and also when my skills say no

There is one. On earth day "everyone" turns their lights of for an hour. Don't people do this all around the world?

I love how this is actually a thing, but it's called Earth Hour instead. That's practically the opposite. <<I didn't know that was a thing

The pianists who are to short to reach the petals and bend thier ankle to far back to get it. The techies hinding in the dark for hour on end, navigating the dark backstage, finding props with no lighting. The orchastra kids who have to play, even when they've huyper exstened thier wrist from playing, even when there is blood runing down their hand from where their blisters poped.

Band kids will literally break a leg and continue marching after hurridly getting it wrapped, choir kids could pass out from locking their knees but they'll wake up and continue singing, colorguard kids. Art kids are dedicated to their art.