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This is one of my biggest pet peeves! And the sad thing is so many of my "close" friends have done this to me! People need to learn how to respect others feelings.

Love it!

If Kim Kardashian wasn't in this, it would be a perfect example of black love.

This is the truth that's for sure.

I have a crush on someone and I told them, they don't feel the same way tho and they would never like me anyway.

Umm yes!!!

I find it cute when boys, -make weird faces -dance ridiculously -laugh -sing to you (no matter how bad they are) -bite their lower lip -are funny -tease me a little -lick their lips -say "aww" -don't you.>>>>> ugggghhhh i want a boyfriend!

Boy and girl break up on We Heart It

Awwweee this is so true because guy and girls have different perspectives

Most of the times you don’t really tell your crush how you feeling about them, Here are some great crush quotes that might reflect your secret feeling .

Signs your falling for him. #love

I was thinking of him just by reading the title, and I was smiling, and he's why I'm excited to go to school even tho I never talk to him cause I'm too shy . but that all in my dreams cause I don't go to school with him

I have someone like that ;)  - Why haven't we done this yet?  We can throw a sheet over the entertainment center and xbox360 the night away.

I want someone who will build blanket forts with me and watch movies with me all night long.