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How to Use Essential Oils Every Day Young Living Independent Distributor Mindy Stevens

essential oils for menopause - I will need this information someday!

3 Reasons I Use Essential Oils

When inhaling it takes 22 seconds for an oil to reach the brain. When applied topically it takes minutes for an oil to reach the minutes to effect every cell in the body. The metabolized within 2 hours.

What is Frankincense essential oil? Frankincense oil is an earthy oil that has been known to encourage spiritual harmony and enhance the beauty of the skin.

Summertime First Aid with Young Living Essential Oils by Sugarbean

Summertime First Aid with Young Living essential oils - If you want to order oils, please enjoy a complimentary registration by referencing member # 1573812

Focus Roller with Essential Oils {Help with Homework, Calming, and Focus} Young Living Essential Oils: Cedarwood, Lavender and Vetiver

The Focus Roller - Focus and Concentration support = Young Living Essential Oils & other roller ball recipes

Cedarwood for sleep

To inhibit hair loss, rub drops of Cedarwood essential oil into your scalp. To help relieve symptoms of bronchitis, rub a drop or two of Cedarwood essential oil on the chest. Place a drop of Cedarwood essential oil on cuts or wounds to disinfect and p

Kick a Sinus Infection in Just TWO Days!

Doterra would use On Guard, frankincense, and oregano! Kick Your Sinus Infection in TWO days using natural remedies - including Young Living Essential Oils - no more sinus pressure, headache, ear pain - just relief!

Thieves tea. Great for colds and sore throats!! Young Living Essential Oils... balancedwomensblog.com

I used this with hot green tea instead of water. Tastes great and instant sore throat releif. That was after I had two glasses of just hot tea with no releif.