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Funny Confession Ecard: My girlfriend just caught me blow drying my penis and asked what was I doing. Apparently, heating your dinner was not the right answer.


There's a certain age when you can no longer use the term "Good girl gone bad". It's more like "Her old ass should know better".


The time where, instead of making a “joke,” you actually say that you’re not totally comfortable with the thing that’s happening right now, and you’d like to talk about it. 17 Conversations All Passive Aggressive People HAVEN'T Had

Every time I think I have my ducks in a row, one of the little fluff bums waddle…

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Rottenecards - They say money can't buy you happiness, but I've got a receipt from the liquor store telling a whole different story.

some ecards.... How incredibly frustrating!

No really it's adorable when you blame everyone but yourself

Omg! I used to do this lol. So the wrong thing to do but absolutely hilarious to see it written down lol

If someone hates you…

If someone hates you for no reason, give that motherfucker a reason. My motto.

I just laughed out loud. There's always one with no regard to the rest of the office. I so need to put this on the microwave door :)

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What an interesting story! now here's mine... Once upon a time, I didn't give a shit.

Free, Friendship Ecard: What an interesting story! Once upon a time, I didn't give a shit.


wish this was a legit excuse.lol but not for work. When I'm preg I don't feel like going anywhere. Clothes to tight and don't feel like getting ready.


Funny Confession Ecard: Curling irons have a warning tag that says 'For external use only.' Which one of you sick people made that necessary?


bahahaha i couldn't stop laughing! "Your momma" jokes are the best. What makes it even better is that my son really does call it a Jumpoline!