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Pekaanipähkinät - naturellina, suolattuna, maustettuna, makeana, kaikki käy.

Pecans – Pecans are a monounsaturated fat that is a source of magnesium, potassium, protein, manganese, folic acid and zinc. They help grow a fatty layer for warmth under baby’s skin and provide powerful protection against cell damage.

Grow Your Own Peanuts, Easy to Grow, Container Gardening

Growing peanuts at home. If you are having problems with your soil, growing peanuts is a great way to revitalize the soil, and you get to eat the peanuts

SHUT UP! A NUTBROOM! Why have I never heard of this! MUST HAVE for picking up all those walnuts / pecans in the yard! It is the year of the black walnut here on the farm.

for picking up all those walnuts / pecans in the yard - - - bet this would work on those pesty rocks that make their way out of the landscape beds! I bought one of these at a yard sale.

How to Store Pecans

How to Store Pecans

How to Store Pecans (because we were just given two big bags of raw pecans just picked from the tree, Mmmmmm)

The Pawnee pecan tree is an excellent choice for people with limited space due to its relatively small size, only 30 feet tall and wide. Pawnee grows well from Georgia to Texas and is an exceptional pollinator. The nuts are large and sweet. The Pawnee has recently become one of the most popular papershell varieties for home and commercial orchards due to its numerous fine qualities.

Due to it's relatively small size, the Pawnee Pecan Tree is ideal for those with limited space. Plant this tree in your home orchard from Willis Orchards!

How to Grow Potatoes:

How to Grow Potatoes

How to Grow Potatoes. In cold climates potatoes are a summer crop, in warm climates they should be planted in late winter. Choose a sunny spot with good soil. Plant one foot apart.

Pawnee Pecan

Pawnee Pecan This hardy, disease-resistant variety. Bears in years. Best pollinators are Stark Surecrop or Colby. Also hardy in the southern half of zone