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I laugh at this because I've been this person before!

Damian Wayne

Owner of pet: sorry it had to end this way it coulda been different but it's too late. Any last words Person who got too close to pet: ummm wtf?

Ahahaha this is good.

this literally happens to me all the time <----- for real. and then if it's a story I really wanna tell I have to wait forever to get everyone's attention and then end up getting interrupted and never getting a chance to finish.

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I'm just kinda sitting with a goat looking at memes ~cosmic latte

18 things that happen when you're horrendous at shopping

18 Things That Happen When You're Horrendous At Shopping

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Photos, Pictures, Photographs

Hated this

Or scraping your knuckles on the speaker as you rolled the window down!o lol XD<< Bruh, i struggle this with my dad's car!

I love cancelling stuff bc friends need me to help them and then they flake an hour before im supposed to go lol

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You see no contradiction in believing that you're the best and the worst.

18 Things You Understand If You Love Yourself But Also Hate Yourself

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