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This is a really good one and I can certainly idenity! Only SEX I have gotten of the unpleasant nature, still LAUGHING!

This is exactly ME! TGIF motherfuckers. @rebelcircus

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I'm seriously the nicest and meanest person you will ever meet. Now fuck off and have a great day.

Grown up candy store!

All I'm saying in life, life can be hard. Its a given its a hard when a minority makes a peogress. I maybe white, but fuck I care. Please contact me.

。◕‿◕。 See my Despicable Me  Minions pins https://www.pinterest.com/search/my_pins/?q=minions  suck it up, walk IT off.

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I'm an asshole. I'll admit it. Now, just love me for the perfect asshole I am!