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to begin, begin. wordsworth

"To begin, begin." ~ William Wordsworth (Quote) {Original Description} The hardest part.

The kinda life

Working hard as hell towards this goal. I feel like you have to work through some "have to's" to get to the "want to's".

You must create

I'm a VFX Artist with a passion for all manner of things and thoughts. Science, Philosophy and Creativity fuel my desire to learn more everyday. I can only hope to share some of the beautiful things I.

The scary thing about the future is that it's unknown. and the exciting thing about the future is that it's unknown.

I don't know about the "wanted" part...but I'm a bit of a wild child, for sure.

I noticed I pin a lot of 'wild' typography treatments and neon signs. I am the least wild person, maybe its my alter ego?

Yup that's me :-)

I am not a morning person.but I work weekends at a coffee shop. I guess I like coffee more than sleeping after all

so let me try

, and this is the funny part: ever meet anyone who thinks they have BAD taste? Some people's taste in fashion and decor is unreal!

Believe in yourself. You got this.   Have an amazing day

After finally pinpointing the source and actions for my crippling self doubt. I am breaking the chains one at a time. I am strong, I am capable!

imgfave - amazing and inspiring images

Words kind of to live by. Be grateful for everything is better and expect nothing seems harsh. I would say expect the best bit be grateful for what you get.


Oh How I want a nice rainy day on a weekend for once. Why does it only rain on Monday mornings anymore?