"Sherlock's face in that last frame...." I forget he was in a legitimate war. He's probably had to face death before.

[gif set] "You can see the exact moment when Sherlock actually regrets saying that." Because John was in the freaking war. He went through that every day and Sherlock didn't think about it . Excuse me while I go tear bend

You will never convince me Sherlock isn't in love with John for exactly that reason.

And when Molly tried to imply he only cared about John's opinions/concerns he quickly let her know she always counted too. So all we've really learned from this is, when pressed, he will be considerate of peoples emotions.

Damn thats one of the those law things

They've talked about it? You mean its a legitimate possibility? Ohhhh myyy gosh CANNON PLEASE? <---- Also, Martin Freeman everybody. The man who doesn't understand how a hedgehog and an otter work.

:-P <3 :-*

John and Greg's side bet on if Sherlock would talk about murder during the best man speech.

No one can kill him

But John could. When John married Mary, he very effectively killed a part of Sherlock. Funny thing about this show, it really knows how to kill you on the inside.<< You can't kill Sherlock physically, but you can kill him mentally.

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:)<<but that smile that he gives John. It's just... It's a real, happy smile, like the one you might get when suppressing laughter, or trying not to smile. And that was pretty much the first day or so that he knew John. I don't ship Johnlock, but John made Sherlock smile in less than two days.

Sherlock Holmes: Occasional smiling admittance to murder assumptions. I love how he has a smile on his face when he says it.

Stop. Please. Now. With. All. The. JOHNLOCK. Feels.

He wanted to see his only friend smile. Wanted that to be his last memory of him. Wanted to leave on a happy note.