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Tullio Crali - Incuneandosi nell’abitato (In tuffo sulla città) 1939

MARTO-Julio Cesar-Colección Héroes y Civilizaciones http://marto.es/es/productos-marto/coleccion-heroes-y-civilizaciones/julio-cesar-detail

This Limited Edition, Deluxe Roman Gladius Sword of Julius Ceasar by Marto of Toledo Spain, pays tribute to this great military and political leader of ancient Rome. This Roman Gladius sword of the Mainz type was used between the century b.

Steampunk Fantasy Airship | ... on the way to the unknown Picture (2d, fantasy, airship, steampunk

Hey all At some point you just gotta paint a steampunkish airship Here's a crown jewel of royal teuloan navy - The Chimera Here princess Leiandra flees . Teuloan Royal Airship on the way to the unknown

"Эх, прокачу!" - Фашистское искусство.

design-is-fine: “ Tullio Crali, Diving on a City, Incuneandosi nell’ abitato, Aeropainting.

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Tullio Crali, l’ultimo dei futuristi

FUTUR FUSION artlab collective — Dominic Elvin - Art and Design for the 21st Century

Precedent: FUTUR FUSION artlab collective by Dominic Elvin, futuristic art


hayato & haruka nakamura My presentation board didn't use the whole space available. This poster uses the whole space without overcrowding it. A gentle wash of colour is used as a background.