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i just really love the first part of this, Hot lips dirty hips sexy smile andy style

Closed) Leilah) I was looking at some of the pictures from our vacation in London. I smile and looked down at my engagement ring, fiddling with it as I looked at the pictures. I was looking at the one when I felt your head rest on my shoulder "hey hon" I said in response

30 Things You Should Know About Andy Black

30 Things You Should Know About Andy Black. Oh Andy. Some of those were actually the same as me<<<his name is andy BIERSACK.

Andy Biersack Lead singer.

Andy Biersack: Early life and education Biersack was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. For his early education, Biersack attended a Catholic elementary school, which he has spoken of in many interviews

Justin Bieber vs Andy Biersack (Andy Sixx) - My Hubby♥ Also: Ronnie Radke & Ayato Kamishiro.

That'd be me but with Billie Joe Armstrong lead vocalist of the band Green Day

Oh my God no... No... no... He looks like Hunter.... no... nooo.... please don't... *Cries to death* WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS GOD

hey im Andy biersack and im 16 I write music and playin a band called black veil brides my mm wants me to finish high school that why im here im single coe say hi