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Star Light Star bright, The first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, I wish my jeans weren't so damn tight.

Haha yes so true well there’s more too it than that but you know

Pretty much sums it up, except I don't like Starbucks or wine and girls nights are annoying haha

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I was just telling my kids that we had to square dance in PE when I was in high school (Thank God we did that cuz I NEVER used that a day in my life after that).they were like, "what's square dancing?

Ha ha haaaaaaaa!  So funny and so true. Sigh.

This is exactly how I feel about fictional characters. Especially characters like Christian Grey, Gideon Cross, Gabriel Emerson, etc.

#rottenecards #ecards # target

This is so me! Told my husband I had to run out to Target so I was leaving him with the kids, should take no more then 20 mins. He fell for it. I'm going to walk every sq ft of that store with a caramel macchiatto & my coupons!


I'm glad its the thought that counts because. I thought about going on a diet and working out before I ate an entire cake and took a nap.

Lol so true!!! Cranky!

Warning, I'm exercising, eating right and watching my alcohol intake. Which means I'm sober, I'm cranky and I'm sore. So proceed with caution.

Yes, that's correct. And the horse you rode in on.

I love you so much, I will even talk to you on the phone. (I HATE talking on the phone. But I will drop everything to talk to my husband when he calls.