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Retail robin- Never heard that one before. I hear this every single day of my life. If I had just a penny for every time I've heard that these last few years, yeah, let's just say I wouldn't be working retail still. Just sayin.

Until blue in the face..

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i dont work commission jackass. minimum wage whether 99 cents or 500 dollars

I just wear company shirts to that store for fun! you know, minus the khakis & name tag!

I could rant about this forever. a guy came in with two five dollar bills for a nine dollar item amd I wanted to cry and give him a hug and tell him how grateful he is.

Fuck Yeah Retail Robin

Retail Robin - *puts kids toy back* must detox hands in hand sanitizer for at least 10 minutes

this is for all my retail working girls! we've all been there!

"retail robin" Having worked in customer service for 6 years, all of these are true and relevant.

Seriously! Almost everyone has a cell phone. Cell phones have calculators. DO YOUR OWN MATH!!

Customer gets out a pen to write a check I die a little inside - retail robin - quickmeme