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I love my OTPs! All the way from Jassian/rebelCaptain to Shamy to Newtina to Percabeth


Best fortune cookie ever and best comment ever. I got a fortune cookie that said, "What you always wanted the most will come true". hasn't happened yet. I thought something good would happen.

Cards against humanity

This is the whole story of Attack on Titan in two sentences.---Eren, do you pivot your life around Cards against Humanity? nah, he'd be playing cards for humanity not against.

Death Note Wearable

Whose Name Would You Add? I love how someone wrote Justin Beiber, Light Yagami, and TITANS <<< Grell though. <~~ Anyone else see Katy Perry? Or Eren?---> there is one that says yo mama<<<someone wrote marco bodt I'm gonna scream

Why, why is this so funny, something is wrong with me , Steven universe you have turned me evil lol I'm not even going to care

"my thing with waluigi is just like"

sporticus and robbie rotten are waluigi <<< XD omg this I can't<<< what is this is like it