BAMF against clueless

''There's a difference between Castiel and Cas.'' I'd even say a HUGE difference. Probably Cas.

He IS an adorable baby... Just one who can occasionally unleash the wrath of heaven and smite whoever happens to be in the way at the time. No big deal.

I never realized this until now <==This is why I always laugh when people underestimate "Without your powers you're just a baby in a trench coat"

There's Cas..AND then there's Castiel ~ Supernatural :D

This is me half the episode: "Cas, you are adorable and so sweet! I just love you, you angel! You are such a mentally deficient puppy!" The other half: "Castiel is a beast."<----- Cas is such a cutie pie ^^ but Castiel is the REAPER OF THE DAMN LORD

Frick frack patty whack I am done with these two!

Awwww Cas looks at Dean when she says that because Dean was is and always will be his reason to get up in the morning!

The Supernatural cast

The Supernatural cast they didnt even pick the most ridicules pic of jensen 😂