Random Inspiration 91

share long and arduous journey,road is under my feet, world is in my eyes,dream is on the way.


Record shop-albums - Going to the record store and flipping through all the vinyls was pure fun! Musicland at the Landing Shopping Center across the street from my high school was my place of choice.

5th Ave.

Avenue, NYC" Love this photo! The angle at which this is taken uses the skyscrapers as an outline around the street to vaguely resemble the shape of the entire island of Manhattan.

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coffeentrees: Olive roll top in the wild sighting! Thanks Mikhaylenko for the lovely photo! The shop is full of the of your dreams! Come get some at 1300 W Burnside by polerportland

I'm in a NY state of mind.

New York City at night city life Empire State Building city photography bright lights

Berlin, Germany

Memorial to the jews,Berlin The monument to the murdered Jews of Europe, also known as the Holocaust-Mahnmal or Holocaust Memorial, is a monument reminding Berlin of the victims of the Holocaust