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Whether you're headed to church camp or you've been there in the past, you've probably experienced most, if not all, of these moments. What has been your most embarrassing church camp experience

Let’s be honest—your youth group is much more eventful than it seems.

14 More Hilarious Memes That Sum Up Your Youth Group

Let’s be honest—your youth group is much more eventful than it seems. Laugh along with us at these youth group memes!

How sad and true this is!!

Why is the front rows so scary? My church tries to rope the back seats off to herd us to the front!

So very true! Thanks band for giving us a place to come and forget the world around us!

“ marchingbandconfessions: “ “I love when my awful days fall on band nights, because then I know as soon as I get the first hug from my band friends, I’ll be okay. Marching Band is.

As a former band student, I used to play Flute [i still do but just at home], I had three section leaders since we were the biggest woodwind section, one of them is nice but tired a lot, one is between nice and funny and tired, and the other one was plain on mean, so ya and my friend threw up on the mean one and my friend straight up told me "well she's a bitch so she deserves it" I died laughing

I can agree as section leader for a year, and drum major for two, this is the truth!

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I go to a black af church so if you white and you not one of our normal white congregants the priest will spot you

Churches be like. * Please foster, Spay, Neuter & Save a Life ~ Adopt from a shelter / rescue ♡.hilarious but why the fuck does this description say "spay and neuter" with it?

#SwordDrill #BibleDrill -@gmx0 #BaptistMemes

This reminds me of one time my Aunt looked on our schedule and she was like what is Sword School ( our church's name for Sunday school). We were like the time when we study the sword, duh!

So true

People in drum corps are more ripped then football players.some trumpet players are ripped too!