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Love the movie Bridesmaids. "You're prettier than Cinderella and you smell like pine needles and your face is like sunshine"

I say this to my daughter about every day! If she is being demanding or fussy, this almost always comes out of my mouth!

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Organized nerd singing! Pitch Perfect!

Pitch Perfect Skylar Astin is so cute:) could care less about the quote:)lol.

Could not stop laughing when I saw this movie. Especially this moment. Maya Rudolph made it classy, somehow.

Could not stop laughing when I saw this movie. Maya Rudolph made it classy, somehow. Haven't seen the movie yet :D

Lilly and Marshall are the greatest....Also, Romeo and Juliet die.

Screw Romeo and Juliet. I want a love like Marshmallow and Lily pad.

This may be the moment we all fell in love with Ryan Gosling.  Yep..

This may be the moment we all fell in love with Ryan Gosling. One of my favorite parts of The Notebook:)

Shaving is literally my worst nightmare.....

Yeah, I’d shave my legs for you. Maybe.

Haha :)

I did this the other weekend.except replace "monsters" with "zombies." Someone was shooting off and I thought, "What if those are rifles? What if it's zombies?" This is why I choose not to watch scary movies! :) I've got "scary" covered.

Little Bit Funky: how to replace your iphone 4 screen - resources for doing it yourself

This is my favorite scene in the movie! I'll have to quote it on my trip to Florida.


A smile is a woman's best accessory, sequins are appropriate no matter what the occasion & some days simply require a glass of champagne. --Taylor Sterling/The Glitter Guide

LOL oh sophia ! @Jessica Knight

{The Golden Girls} ~ Sophia - "Jean is a nice person. So, she happens to like girls instead of guys. Some people like cats instead of dogs. Frankly, I'd rather live with a Leslian than a cat. Unless the lesbian sheds.

One of my favorite lines ever

Bartok is my favorite. And this is my favorite animated quote. Probably favorite movie quote of all time!

Good point, Mary Poppins.

K, this drives me crazy! Mary Poppins did NOT say this. Cleary, whoever made this sign does not know Disney! It was in fact Mrs. Banks that sang this line in a song in the Mary Poppins movie.