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Rainbow & Lollipop Gasoline heels - The sane part of me says, "Oh no," but the fat kid part of me says, "Oh yes.

Chaussures design les plus originales. Des chaussures expérimentales.

Artist creates 12 crazy shoes for his 12 ex lovers. These shoes are definitely crazy

Lego shoes

If your kids have outgrown Lego and you have tubs and tubs of those little building blocks sitting in your basement, why not put them to good use?

Interesting shoes...creative ways to draw the eyes to the feet! Better have perfect feet and toes for these. No one wants to see crusty heels and unpolished toes when admiring conversation starting footwear.

Funny pictures about Creative high heel designs. Oh, and cool pics about Creative high heel designs. Also, Creative high heel designs photos.

Weird shoes

Such funny shoe ideas! But seriously who the hell'd wear these things

artwork: Marjorie Schick -  “Chopines and Puddles” - Painted wood, plastic, and papier maché. - Image courtesy of © the artist. On view at Boise Art Museum in "The Perfect Fit: Shoes Tell Stories" until July 31st.

Marjorie Schick - "Chopines and Puddles" (Marjorie, Marjorie, Marjorie.) Hahaha so funny

marjorie schick chipines and puddles...lol - hydropower?  The rainbow colors on water are lovely, but can also say, "oil spill"

Shoes – pt 2

marjorie schick chipines and puddles. The rainbow colors on water are lovely, but can also say, "oil spill"

My Little Pony Shoes

Kawaii My Little Pony Deco Den Shoes OMG i've never seen a more beautiful shoe before X.

Metamorphosis Danuta Tydor. Enjoy RushWorld boards,  WELCOME TO HELL HERE ARE YOUR SHOES,  WTF FASHIONS,  UNPREDICTABLE WOMEN HAUTE COUTURE and DOGS DRIVING CARS.  See you at RushWorld on Pinterest!  New content daily, always something you'll love.

Fantasy-Inspired Footwear - Danuta Tydor Presents a Psychedelic Shoe Collection (GALLERY)

Sculpted Hill "Nightmare" Cemetery Halloween Wedges inspired by The nightmare before Christmas.