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為何江戶時期,日本的工藝品能迅速發展呢? 德川家康在江戶(現東京)建立幕府政權近三百年,因政局穩定,百姓經濟能力提升、人口急速增加,庶民文化得以蓬勃發展。以日本橋為中心,工藝品店家一家接著一家出現,... - 88169

為何江戶時期,日本的工藝品能迅速發展呢? 德川家康在江戶(現東京)建立幕府政權近三百年,因政局穩定,百姓經濟能力提升、人口急速增加,庶民文化得以蓬勃發展。以日本橋為中心,工藝品店家一家接著一家出現,... - 88169

Oji Masanori broom -- this would make the most mundane of tasks a pleasure.

Oji Masanori brooms are manufactured by an extremely skilled and experienced craftsman. It uses a unique method of weaving traditional and natural materials. Each broom was made with love and care.

Japanese "Osoji", Cleaning Tools for New Year Guarantees Fresh Start|大掃除I love these they remind me of whisk brooms my mom used to get lint off clothes and one for the interior of our car. They are wonderful. I would like some new ones now.

Japanese "Osoji: hand-crafted brooms/brushes for New Year guarantee a fresh start|大掃除

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Edo period. Brooms /  Corner Broom

This corner broom is perfect for cleaning those nooks and crannies hard to reach using a vacuum cleaner.

Swedish Dish Washing Brush

Gift Guide: For the Scandi Chef

dish washing brush easy to use, wonderful to look at very biodegradable, in fact when its past use let the chickens have at it, they'll love it!

Round Hearth Broom — Haydenville Broomworks

European Hearth Broom- great by the fireplace - Pinned by The Mystic's Emporium on Etsy

Rakuten: Yamamoto, Wakayama Shonosuke store the discerning indoor broom which outstanding performance ★ craftsman makes on a thing of a desk in the car! Among hemp palm (しゅろ) broom /4 ball fierce god broom - crests (/ mail order / Rakuten / gift in broom / hemp palm / fashion / long shaft broom / Mothers Day made in / flooring / handicraft / short-handled broom / present / celebration / Japan)- Shopping Japanese products from Japan

Wakayama Prefecture, Yamamoto WINS, Assistant shop "car on active ★ craftsmen make room broom! "Palm (Palm) broom / 4 jade Kojin broom-cockscomb in (broom / Palm / fashion / design / polearm broom / flooring / handmade / 手箒 / Japan made / parlor / winter

Jumping the Broom: 8 Historical Facts You Need to Know About This Wedding Tradition